How To Choose A Carpet For High Traffic Areas

Arbons offers a range of different, heavy-duty home carpets that are perfect for those high traffic areas in your house. So whether you are looking to choose the perfect carpet for your lounge or for your hallway, Arbons can advise, supply and fit it for you, and it’s completely hassle free.

Carpet Fitting

What carpet is right for me?

Before deciding on a carpet for high traffic areas, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where are the heavy traffic areas in my home?
  • Do I wear shoes in these areas?
  • How long do I want this carpet to last?

Why spend time and money choosing and fitting different carpets in different rooms, to only replace them when they become worn due to heavy traffic? Here’s how to choose the right carpet and pile weight for these heavy traffic areas:

Pile Weight

We recommend a pile weight of 40oz per square yard for high-traffic areas – the denser the pile weight, the stronger your carpet will be and so the longer it will last. The Tomkinson Twist, made from 80% British wool and 20% Polypropylene, has the recommended pile weight of 40oz, making it an ideal choice for those high traffic areas in your home.


When choosing a carpet for high traffic areas, we also recommend opting for two-ply yarn. Made from rope style twisting technology, it is twice as strong as single-ply yarn, allowing it to withstand a higher volume of traffic in those areas of your home that see the most wear and tear, such as your hallway or staircase.


To ensure your carpet stands the test of time, we recommend using high-density underlay to bear the brunt of this wear and tear, rather than opting for a cheaper underlay that will potentially cost you more money long term. It’s certainly worth mentioning here too that our top quality underlays can last for up to 25 years, which brings us back to that important question: How long do you want your carpet to last?


Wear and tear tends to be more noticeable on pale carpets, particularly if you frequently wear shoes in the house or have pets. This doesn’t mean you need to avoid pale carpets, though — just be prepared to have them steam-cleaned once in a while to keep them looking fresh.

Bedroom Carpet

Recommended choice: Tomkinson Twist

If you’re looking for a simple and neutral aesthetic throughout, the Tomkinson Twist, with multi-weight availability, is a domestic heavy-duty carpet and is fitted with Carpenter Powerstep HD Foam Underlay for high density, insulating and longevity properties.

It comes in 16 contemporary colours and is available in four different qualities (Standard, Supreme, Deluxe and Ultimate), making it the perfect choice for all the different rooms in your home.

So whether you are looking for a change in your lounge, hallway or your bedroom, or you are considering a complete home makeover, opt for a thicker, heavier weight carpet in areas that you know will receive high traffic – like the entrance hallway or lounge – and a lighter weight in the rooms that don’t; allowing you to maintain the same neutral look and clean feel throughout your home.

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